The challenge of managing haemophilic pseudotumour in a resource poor setting: case report

  • M.E. Enosolease
  • B Nwogoh
  • D.O. Edewor-Okiyo
  • T.C. Oguike


Haemophillicpseudotumour is a rare but well recognized complication of moderate and severe haemophilia. It has been reported mainly in haemophiliacs with factor activity levels less than 5%. When surgical intervention is required, 100% activity is usually required for surgery where the resources are available. We present a patient with mild haemophilia (factor VIII activity of 11%) who developed retroperitoneal and pelvic pseudotumours that were successfully treated by surgical intervention on attainment of 50% factor VIII activity amidst several challenges.

The pseudotumour however reoccurred several months later and he later died of a bleeding related cause (haemorrhagic shock).

Keywords: The Challenge of Managing Haemophilias, Pseudotumour, Resource poor setting


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-6569