Anaemia in HIV infected Nigerian children on HAART

  • AE Sadoh
  • WE Sadoh
  • NJ Iduoriyekemwen


Background: Most studies evaluating anaemia and associated factors in HIV infected children have been done on those that are HAART naïve. This study evaluated anaemia among Nigerian children on HAART.
Methodology: This cross-sectional study estimated Packed Cell Volume (PCV) in 155 HIV infected children attending an HIV treatment programme. Data on age, gender, CD4 counts, CD4 percentage in those younger than 5years and tuberculosis status were obtained. Their urine was tested for microalbuminuria.
Results: Of the 155 children 91(58.7%) were males. The mean age was 6.9±3.8years. The mean PCV was 33.2±3.4%. Anaemia(PCV<33%) was present in 63(40.7%). No child had severe anaemia(PCV<15%). Presence of microalbuminuria was significantly associated with anaemia. P=0.02. Anaemia was not associated with age, gender, CD 4percentage, CD4 count, presence of tuberculosis and use of Zidovudine containing HAART regimen.
Conclusion: Anaemia remains a significant problem even in HIV infected children on HAART. Regular monitoring is indicated. Investigation of anaemia in these children should include screening for renal disease.

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eISSN: 1596-6569