A modified procedure for estimating the population mean in two-occasion successive samplings

  • Housila Prasad Singh
  • Suryal Kant Pal


This paper addresses the problem of estimating the current population mean in two occasion successive sampling. Utilizing the readily available information on two auxiliary variables on both occasions and the information on study variable from the previous occasion, some new estimation procedures have been developed. Properties of the proposed estimators have been studied and their respective optimum replacement policies are discussed. Relative comparison of efficiencies of the suggested estimators with the sample mean estimator when there is no matching from previous occasion and the optimum successive sampling estimator when no auxiliary information is used have been incorporated. Empirical study is carried out to judge the merits of the suggested estimators and suitable recommendations are given. We have also added a practical application in order to examine the performance of the proposed estimators.

Keywords: Successive sampling, Study variable, Auxiliary variable, Mean squared error, Optimum Replacement Policy


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print ISSN: 2316-090X