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Jump resonance in wind-felled plantains

Godwin Norense Osarumwense Asemota


In this paper, jump resonance was applied to wind-felled plantains, which budded on the plantain pseudo-stem side when guyed about 60o to the horizontal to obtain the jump function. Duffing's model, describing function and Chebyshev polynomials were used to obtain the best fit of approximants to the developed plantains jump function. Traditionally, wind-damaged plantains and banana pseudo-stems are cut for future vegetative growth, leading to heavy and perennial losses to individuals, households, communities, nations and even regions. The motivation for this study was the possibility of using jump resonance discontinuity as a plantain wind-damaged salvage process. Furthermore, it was to develop plantain growth equation and determine the harmonic content responsible for the observed stable switching mode for plantain side shoot outgrowth. The results show that the polynomial growth equation for plantains was of order 14 with 0.5 percent error. In addition, the first harmonic content in the plantain jump resonance function was absent and only the jump-up mode of the switching mechanism was stable, leading to plantain pseudo-stem side shoot outgrowth. Therefore, a sinusoid plus bias (steady or d.c.) signal input could be used to improve algorithm accuracy in future research.

Keywords: Chebyshev polynomials; describing function; Duffing's model; harmonic; jump-up mode; switching

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print ISSN: 2316-090X