The covariance structure of the bivariate weighted Poisson distribution and application to the Aleurodicus data

  • Prevot Chirac Batsindila Nganga
  • Rufin Bidounga
  • Dominique Mizere


We meet in the literature the bivariate Poisson distribution put in evidence by Berkhout and Plug. From this distribution, Elion et al. put in evidence the bivariate weighted Poisson distribution like crossing of two univariate weighted Poisson distributions. The structure of the covariance of this bivariate weighted Poisson distribution has been put not again in evidence in the literature. Thus, in this paper, we remedy this hiatus. The overdispersion, underdispersion and the equidispersion will be valued with the help of the Fisher dispersion index for multivariate count distributions introduces by Kokonendji et al. An illustrative example based on the Aleurodicus data is presented.

Keywords. Bivariate dispersion index; Moment generating function; Conditional law


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2316-090X