Agronomie Africaine

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Effet de la fertilisation minerale et organique sur le rendement en fruits du piment (Capsicum annuum L.; Solanaceae) en zone forestiere de basse altitude au Cameroun

J Segnou, A Akoa, E Youmbi, J Njoya


A study on the effect of mineral and organic fertilizations on fruits yield of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) was carried out in Cameroon. Three types of fertilizers: urea (46 %N), single superphosphate (16 %P2O5), and potassium sulphate (48 %K2O) were used alone, or in combination with each other and a bulk fertilizer NPK (19-4-16) was also formulated in order to optimize fruit yield. Poultry manure was used as organic fertilizer. During crop growth, plant height, canopy width, planting-flowering interval, flowering-fruiting period and the number and weight of fruits harvested were measured. The results show that bulking of the 3 single fertilizers, applied 4 times during the cropping period produced highly significant effects on all plant growth parameters. Significant differences were also observed on parameters of reproduction when NPK was applied 3 to 4 times during the cropping period. Furthermore, NPK, regularly broadcasted 4 times under plant canopy, gave the highest fruit yield. This latest treatment yielded the highest income and benefit-cost ratio. The organic fertilization had a higher fruit yield and higher benefit-cost ratio than many chemical fertilizer treatments.

Keywords: Capsicum annuum L., fertilizer, formulation, fertilization

Agronomie Africaine 24 (3) : 231 - 240 (2012)

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