Effects of cooking methods on yields and organoleptic attributes of local chicken parts

  • A Babatunde
  • JJ Kolade
  • AC Ayodeji


Experimentation was carried out to investigate the effect of three cooking methods (deep-fat frying, microwave and oven roasting) on yields, cooking loss, moisture, of fat contents and some sensory attributes of local chicken. The thighs and breast parts were used. Deep fat frying resulted in the lowest yield of the chicken thighs and the highest yield of the chicken breasts. Cooking loss was significantly high (p < 0.05) for the deep fat trying method, but lower significantly (P< 0.05) for the oven roasting method for the thigh portions. However, with the breast portion the oven roasting method had. the highest cooking loss. The moisture and fat contents showed an inverse relationship for the thigh portion, while for the breast parts no clear cut pattern was observed. In the sensory rating, the deep fat frying method produced the darkest chicken parts and also the highest rating for flavor. The microwave cooked chicken parts was the least accepted by the panelist.

Keywords: Local Chicken, Cooking Methods, Yield, Cooking Loss, Sensory evaluation.


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eISSN: 1117-9996