Flour functionality, chemical and sensory properties of cookies from trifoliate yam flour-soybean blends

  • Y.O. Olawuyi
  • F. Oyetola
Keywords: Trifoliate yam; flour; soybean; cookies


Trifoliate yam was used to produce flour which was enriched with soybean flour at varying substitution levels and used to produce cookies. The cookies were analysed for their proximate content, nutritional content and sensory evaluation were carried out on them. The flour was analyzed for its physicochemical, properties. The results showed that enriching trifoliate yam flour with soybean flour increased the protein content. There was also an increase in the fat content with increase in the substitution level. The sensory evaluation showed that the cookie made at 20% substitution level had the highest overall acceptability score. Enrichment of trifoliate yam flour with soy flour at levels of 10% to 30% resulted in a notable increase in the protein content, which is nutritionally advantageous where many cannot afford foods that are rich in protein because of its cost.

Keywords: Trifoliate yam; flour; soybean; cookies


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eISSN: 1117-9996