On efficiency of some ratio estimators in double sampling design using some existing agricultural data

  • A A Adewara


In this paper, three sampling ratio estimators in double sampling design were proposed with the intention of finding an alternative double sampling design estimator to the conventional ratio estimator in double sampling design discussed by Cochran (1997), Okafor (2002) , Raj (1972) and Raj and Chandhok (1999). Their efficiency were also determined based on the conditions attached to their supremacy in terms of their estimated mean square error (mse) obtained to the first degree of approximation. In other to justify this, three existing agricultural and an employment data sets were used which suggested that one of the proposed estimators is better and preferred to the conventional one.

Keywords: efficiency, estimator, product, ratio

Agrosearch Vol. 8 (1&2) 2006: pp. 27-34

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eISSN: 1117-9996