Farmers' Perception and Extent of Use of Insecticides in Cabbage Production in Giwa and Zaria LGAs of Kaduna State

  • DF Omokore
  • MO Akinola
  • EB Atiyong


Farmers have been skeptical and reluctant in the use of pesticides in vegetable production for fear of contamination and negative effects on humans during consumption. This study focuses on identifying farmers' perception and extent of use of insecticides in cabbage production. Using structured questionnaire, primary data were collected from 70 randomly selected cabbage farmers in Giwa and Zaria LGAs of Kaduna State. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics and Likert
scale of measurement. The results show that most (70%) of the farmers use Karate, followed by neem extract (66%) which is usually mixed with the chemicals. Nearly all (94%) of the respondents perceived that the use of the insecticides are highly effective on insect control, pollute the air and improves the market value of cabbage due to lack of perforations and insect excrements on them. Respondents suggested that farmers should be adequately trained on insecticide use and subsidise its cost to make it readily

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eISSN: 1117-9996