Comparative Cost/Benefit of Alternative/Conventional Feedstuff in Broiler Production in Nigeria

  • SA Bolu
  • M Ibikunle


An experiment was conducted using broilers to determine the relative cost
/benefit of the use of conventional (corn/soya bean based) and alternative (less of corn and soya bean substituted with agro-allied and industrial by-products) feedstuffs. Completely randomized design was used and the experiment conducted for a period of eight (8) weeks. Feed intake and weight gain were different for the various dietary treatments (P<0.05). Birds fed diet containing maize/soyabean had significantly medium fed intake but relatively higher (P<0.05) weight gain (411.88gb-1wk-1 and 180 g b-1wk-1 respectively). Corn/soya bean based diet was relatively
more acceptable than the alternative feedstuff included diets. Feed /gain ratio and cost/benefit ratio were significantly affected by the use of conventional or alternative feedstuff in the diet of broilers (P<0.05). However, birds fed maize/soyabean-based diet had better values for these parameters (2.88 and 79.10 for feed /gain and cost/benefit
ratio respectively). Birds fed corn/soya bean based diets required less kilogram of feed to gain a kilogram of weight. Nutrient retention was different (P<0.05) for all the dietary treatments. Birds tended to retain more nutrients when fed maize soya bean based diet. The protein and fat retentions observed for birds fed corn/soya bean based diets were,
respectively, 94.3 and 79.2%. Marginal cost added per additional kilogram of feed produced was significantly affected (P<0.05) by the use of the various categories of feedstuff. Generally, as the use of corn /soya bean reduced in the diets, marginal cost of feed production tended to decrease. As much as N10 was reduced from the cost of producing an extra kilogram of feed using alternative feedstuff to produce broiler diets vi-a-viz when corn/soya bean was used. The use of alternative feedstuff reduced the
cost/kg of feed to N24.17 compared to atleast N34 per kilogram of corn /soya bean based diet produced. In the same vein, the marginal revenue accruable to broiler production using alternative feedstuff was significantly higher (P<0.05) than for broilers produced using corn /soyabean based diets. Atleast, N17 additional revenue was realized for every kilogram of broiler meat produced using alternative feed stuffs.

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eISSN: 1117-9996