Design and application of pulse information acquisition and analysis system with dynamic recognition in traditional Chinese medicine

  • J Zhang
  • X Niu
  • X Yang
  • Q Zhu
  • H Li
  • X Wang
  • Z Zhang
  • H Sha
Keywords: Visualized pulse information, Radial artery, B mode ultrasound, Traditional Chinese Medicine


Background: To design the pulse information which includes the parameter of pulse-position, pulse-number, pulse-shape and pulse-force acquisition and analysis system with function of dynamic recognition, and research the digitalization and visualization of some common cardiovascular mechanism of single pulse.
Methods: To use some flexible sensors to catch the radial artery pressure pulse wave and utilize the high frequency B mode ultrasound scanning technology to synchronously obtain the information of radial extension and axial movement, by the way of dynamic images, then the gathered information was analyzed and processed together with ECG. Finally, the pulse information acquisition and analysis system was established which has the features of visualization and dynamic recognition, and it was applied to serve for ten healthy adults.
Results: The new system overcome the disadvantage of one-dimensional pulse information acquisition and process method which was common used in current research area of pulse diagnosis in traditional Chinese Medicine, initiated a new way of pulse diagnosis which has the new features of dynamic recognition, two-dimensional information acquisition, multiplex signals combination and deep data mining.
Conclusions: The newly developed system could translate the pulse signals into digital, visual and measurable motion information of vessel.

Keywords: Visualized pulse information; Radial artery; B mode ultrasound; Traditional Chinese Medicine


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eISSN: 1729-0503
print ISSN: 1680-6905