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Explanation of colon cancer pathophysiology through analyzing the disrupted homeostasis of bile acids

DDA Chen, S Peng, J Yin, T Yang, R Dong, K Tan, Y Chen, J Lu, X Du


Background: The colon plays a key role in regulating the homeostasis of bile acids.
Aim: The present study aims to evaluate the influence of colon cancer towards the homeostasis of bile acids.
Methods: The free and conjugated bile acids were determined using ultraperformance LC (UPLC) coupled with ABI 4000 QTRAP triple quadrupole instruments.
Results: The results showed that the free bile acids in serum of patients with colon cancers tend to increase, and the conjugated bile acids tended to decrease, especially for taurolithocholate (TLCA) (p<0.001).
Conclusion: The alteration of bile acids balance in colon cancers indicated the possibility of complicated diseases due to the disrupted balance of bile acids.

Keywords: Colon cancer, free bile acids, conjugated bile acids
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