Fournier’s gangrene in the HIV era

  • P Ngugi
  • G Magoha
  • P Nyaga
Keywords: Fournier’s gangrene, HIV.


Background: Fournier’s gangrene is a devastating condition that affects mostly patients whose immunity has been reduced. There is increasing evidence for increasing incidence of the disease in those with HIV disease.
Objective: To evaluate the presentation, bacteriology and outcome of Fournier’s gangrene in our area in recent times in view of the high prevalence in Nairobi and its environs.
Results: One hundred and forty six patients were treated for Fournier’s gangrene during the study period; all were male. They had a mean age of 38.6 years (range 2 months – 86 years). HIV infection was the most common associated underlying illness (16.4 %), followed by diabetes mellitus and alcoholism (11%).
Conclusions: HIV infection is emerging as leading predisposing factor and has overtaken diabetes in predisposing for Fournier’s gangrene in Kenyatta National Hospital.

Keywords: Fournier’s gangrene, HIV.


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eISSN: 1680-6905