Abnormalities of the external genitalia and groins among primary school boys in Bida, Nigeria

  • Adedeji O Adekanye
  • Samuel A Adefemi
  • Kayode A Onawola
  • John A James
  • Ibrahim T Adeleke
  • Mark Francis
  • Ezekiel U Sheshi
  • Moses E Atakere
  • Abdullahi D Jibril
Keywords: External genitalia, groin abnormalities, boys


Background: Abnormalities of the male external genitalia and groin, a set of lesions which may be congenital or acquired, are rather obscured to many kids and their parents and Nigerian health care system has no formal program to detect them.
Objectives: To identify and determine the prevalence of abnormalities of external genitalia and groin among primary school boys in Bida, Nigeria.
Methods: This was a cross-sectional study of primary school male pupils in Bida. A detailed clinical examination of the external genitalia and groin was performed on them.
Results: Abnormalities were detected in 240 (36.20%) of the 663 boys, with 35 (5.28%) having more than one abnormality. The three most prevalent abnormalities were penile chordee (37, 5.58%), excessive removal of penile skin (37, 5.58%) and retractile testis (34, 5.13%). The prevalence of complications of circumcision was 15.40% and included excessive residual foreskin, excessive removal of skin, skin bridges and meatal stenosis. Undescended testes were seen in 6 (0.90%) boys, with median age of 9 years and 2 were bilateral. Also, micropenis was detected in 27 (4.07%) of the pupils.
Conclusion: Inguino-penoscrotal abnormalities are common in our community (36.20%). Screening of pre-school and school children to  detect them should be introduced into the school health programs in Nigeria.

Keywords: External genitalia, groin abnormalities, boys


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eISSN: 1680-6905