The effect of myometrial invasion on prognostic factors and survival analysis in endometrial carcinoma

  • Cem Dane
  • Sait Bakir
Keywords: Endometrial carcinoma, Progression free survival, Overall survival, Prognostic factors.


Background: We investigated the relationship between myometrial invasion and the prognostic factors on overall and progression free survival in endometrial carcinoma.
Methods: 122 cases operated with endometrial cancer were included into the study. Progression-free survival and overall survival were evaluated according to degree of myometrial invasion. We also investigated the relationship between myometrial invasion and prognostic factors.
Results: The 5- year progression-free survival rate was 90 % in stage I, 66 % in stage II, 32 % in stage III and 60 % in stage IV. The 5- year overall survival rate was 95 % in stage I, 89 % in stage II, 49 % in stage III and 30 % in stage IV. The progression free survival and overall survival for patients with more than 50 % myometrial invasion were detected 67 % at 58 months and 66 % at 60 months, respectively. The clinicopathological variables that significantly correlated with myometrial invasion of more than 50 % were as follows: pelvic lymph node metastasis (p: 0,00029-OR: 11.2), cervical stromal invasion (p: 0008-OR:7.9), LVSI (p< 0.0001-OR: 16.5).
Conclusion: The depth of myometrial invasion is one of the most important prognostic indicators and determinants of therapy in endometrial cancer.
Keywords: Endometrial carcinoma; Progression free survival; Overall survival; Prognostic factors.


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eISSN: 1680-6905