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Use of sachet alcohol and sexual behaviour among adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria

Oluwaseunfunmi Arasi
Ademola Ajuwon


Background: Availability and affordability of sachet liquor has significantly increased adolescents’ access to alcohol in Nigeria. This study investigated use of sachet alcohol and sexual behavior among adolescents in Ibadan South-East Local Government Area(IBSE-LGA), Oyo state, Nigeria.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted with three-stage random sampling technique to select 390 ad- olescents in IBSE-LGA, Oyo state; using quantitative and qualitative instruments(5 IDIs).

Results: There were more male adolescents (61.8%); with 14.7±2.6 as mean age; equal proportion of early (10–14years) and late(15–19years) adolescents. Findings show that about 16% of the respondents have not completed Primary School edu- cation; half(50%) of the respondents had ever taken alcohol, while 39.5% are current users of sachet alcohol (more males, older adolescents and working class). Many respondents are sexually active(30.5%), out of which 63% did not use any pro- tection in their last sex episode, and 33.6% tok sachet alcohol before sex. There was an association between sachet alcohol use and risky sexual behaviours(p<0.05). Participants of IDI believe alcohol boosts sexual performance.

Conclusion: Sex, age and school/work status were related to alcohol use among adolescents. Higher proportion of the adolescents associated alcohol use with heightened sexual performance. Health education strategies (public enlightenment, peer education and life skills training) against adolescent alcohol use is recommended.

Keywords: Sachet alcohol; risky sexual behavior; Adolescents.

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