Socio-demographic determinants of neonatal mortality in Algeria according to MICS4 data (2012-2013)

  • Adel Sidi-Yakhlef
  • Meryem Boukhelif
  • Amaria Aouar Metri
Keywords: Neonatal mortality; Algeria; MICS4 data (2012-2013).


Background: Neonatal mortality remains a public health problem in developing countries, including Algeria. Information on this indicator makes it possible to assess government efforts to improve the living conditions of target populations.

Objectives: This study aims to identify some determinants associated with this mortality from data of multiple indicator cluster survey conducted in Algeria in 2012-2013 (mics 4).

Methods: A retrospective case-control study including 1047 cases and 1041 controls. From a logistic regression model, we appreciated the role of different factors, socio-demographic, economic and geographic (Mother's age, level of education, wealth index, area of residence) in newborn survival. Results: The main factors associated with neonatal mortality were rural residence (p<0.01; OR= 1.3 ; CI 1.08-1.54), South geographical area (p<0.05; OR=1.5 ; CI 1.18-1.84), low education level of mother (p<0.01; OR= 2.10 ; CI 1.35– 3.29), early age of maternal procreation (p<0.001; OR=4.34 ; CI 2.19– 14.40), the birth rank "7 and over" (<0.01; OR = 1.57; CI 1.13 – 2.44) and the two lowest wealth indices (p <0.001; OR = 2 ; 1.45- 2.62 and p <0.01; OR = 1.66; CI 1.23-2.26).

Conclusion: In addition to the various reproductive health strategies already adopted by the authorities for health promo- tion and family planning, action should be taken to evaluate their implementation with sustained assistance for disadvantaged people and in risk areas.

Keywords: Neonatal mortality; Algeria; MICS4 data (2012-2013).


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