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Prevalence of pre-diabetes and risk factors among secondary school adolescents in Osogbo Local Government Area, Osun State, Nigeria

Nafisat O Akintayo-Usman
Funmilayo A Okanlawon
Saheed O Usman


Background: Pre-diabetes is an emerging public health challenge in sub-Saharan Africa.

Objectives: To estimate prevalence of pre-diabetes and assess its associated factors among adolescents. The risk factors were divided into individual, interpersonal and community factors, adapting socio-ecological model.

Methods: This study utilised a cross-sectional descriptive survey. The target population was secondary school adolescents of Osogbo Local Government. Questionnaire was used to interview 405 participants through multi-stage sampling. Predia- betes was measure through fasting blood glucose.

Results: Findings revealed prevalence rate of 9.4%. Individual factors identified to be significant include age, religion and family history. Further analysis showed adolescents with normal BMI and high BP are likely to develop pre-diabetes when compared to those with underweight and normal BP respectively. Among interpersonal factors, parents’ dietary habit was significant. Also, adolescents with employed parents were likely to develop pre-diabetes compared to those with unemployed parents. Lastly, availability of healthy food in school was the only statistically significant community factor. Hence, the more availability of food, fruits and vegetables in schools, the less likelihood of developing prediabetes.

Conclusion: These findings affirmed that prediabetes is becoming common problem among Nigerian adolescents. There is therefore need for stakeholders to face this challenge before it becomes endemic.

Keywords: Pre-diabetes; adolescents; individual factors; interpersonal factors; community factors.

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