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Malignancy-related mir-210, mir-373 and let-7 levels are affected in iron deficiency anemia

Ruveyda Sak
Demircan Ozbalci
Emine Guchan Alanoglu
Kuyas Hekimler Ozturk


Background: Hypoxia is the hallmark of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and in hypoxic environment, significant changes are observed in malignancy-related microRNAs (miRNA). Our aim is to examine whether there is any difference in the levels of miR-210, miR-373 and let-7, which are directly related to malignancies in patients with IDA.

Methods: Thirty-five female patients with IDA between the ages of 18-65 and 10 healthy controls were included in the study. Patients who received oral iron therapy, who had inflammatory disease, and who were pregnant were excluded from the study. Student t Test was used for comparing variables with normal distribution in two independent groups, and Mann-Whitney U Test was used for variables without normal distribution. Comparison of categorical data was made using the chi-square test.

Results: The mean hemoglobin and ferritin level were 10,78±0,93 and 6.28±5,76 respectively. Plasma miR-210 expression were found as -7.27±2.23 and -6.15±0,88 in IDA and control group respectively (p = 0.022). Plasma miRNA-373 were -7.36±2,58 and -6,96±1,93 and let-7 expression were 2.14±2,15 and 3,57±2,21 in IDA and control group. (p = 0.65 and p = 0.20, respectively).

Conclusions: Plasma miR-210 expression was significantly up-regulated and miR-373 and let-7 expression was down-regulated, though insignificantly, in IDA group.

Keywords: miRNA; iron deficiency anemia; malignancy.

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