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Blood loss and contributing factors in femoral fracture surgery

I Kajja, GS Bimenya, B Eindhoven, H Jan ten Duis, CTS Sibinga


Background: Substantial blood losses frequently accompany orthopedic procedures.
Methods: We prospectively noted peri-operative hemoglobin changes in 93 patients undergoing surgery for femoral fracture with an aim of establishing blood loss and related factors.
Results: The mean total blood loss assessed 72 hours after the surgical procedure was 3.31 (SD 1.56) units of whole blood. A multiple regression analysis revealed diathermy use and a simple fracture pattern as significant factors in reducing blood loss (p<0.01).
Conclusions: Open intramedullary fixation of femur fractures leads to considerable peri-operative blood loss. This is can be reduced by use of diathermy during surgery.

African Health Sciences 2010; 10(1): 18 - 25

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