Prevalence of chlamydia in patients attending gynecological clinics in south eastern Nigeria

  • L E Okoror
  • D E Agbonlahor
  • F I Esumeh
  • P I Umolu
Keywords: Chlamydia, Complement fixation test, Chlamydia Complement Fixing Antibody


Background: Chlamydia infections have been reported to cause silent infections in communities which becomes endemic and could remain unnoticed for a very long time. In most parts of Nigeria these organisms are not screened for, and hence relative information about frequencies of the organisms are sparse. Method: Five hundred and sixty five blood samples and ten umbilical cord fluids were collected from various patients attending clinics in South Eastern Nigeria and were screened for Chlamydia Complement Fixing Antibody (CCFA). Endocervical swabs and urethral discharges or swabs were collected from patients whose serum was positive and were cultured into embryonic eggs which was later observed, harvested and stained using the Romanowsky – Giemsa staining techniques. The positive sera were further confirmed by distinguishing the species of Chlamydia using the monoclonal antibody spot test kit. Result: Of the five hundred and sixty five (565) samples collected only three hundred and forty were positive to CCFA, of which 141 were males and 204 females. From the cultured samples 230 were positive for Chlamydia trachomatis and 99 positive to Chlamydia pneumoniae. Statistical analysis using the student\'s t test at 95% confidence interval shows that there was no significant difference between the number of females and males that presented themselves for screening. Conclusion: Proper screening of patients to include Chlamydia should be encouraged at all levels of medical diagnosis in the country so as to proffer treatment. Otherwise the infection will remain a “silent epidemic”, as is the case currently.

Keywords: Chlamydia, Complement fixation test, Chlamydia Complement Fixing Antibody

African Health Sciences Vol. 7(1) 2007: pp. 18-24

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eISSN: 1680-6905