Assessment of ornamental fish species and fishing methods in Ibiajegbende, Lagos State, Nigeria

  • B C Mbawuike
  • E Ajado


A study was conducted to identify ornamental fish species and fishing methods employed for the purpose of developing the fishery for international markets. Catches were sampled from 102 landings in Ibiajegbende village in Epe Local Government area of Lagos State during the fishing season that spanned from January to August 2002. Twenty-four fish species, mostly fresh water and brackish water constitute the ornamental fish species assemblage in the area. Some of these fish had seasonal appearance or dominance. Three local fishing gears and methods are employed namely Aso-oro, Iyanmo and Igu. Management strategies to upgrade the status of ornamental fishing from cottage to international level in Nigeria are discussed.

Keywords: Ornamental Fish, Ibiajegbende, and Gear

AJAZEB Vol. 7 2005: pp. 23-27

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eISSN: 1119-023X