An assessment of the physico–chemical properties of Moro lake

  • M K Mustapha
  • J S Omotoso


Sampling of the physico-chemical factors from two stations on the surface water of Moro Lake was carried out biweekly over a period of 8 months spanning both wet and dry seasons. The aims were to determine the water quality, productivity, assess nature or man's impact on the physico-chemistry of the lake water with a view to effective utilization, better management, conservation and sustainable exploitation of the lake resources. Temperature was measured using mercury in glass thermometer & ranged between 220C and 280C. Transparency was determined by a standard secchi disc and varied between 17cm and 55cm, while current was determined by flotation method and ranged between 14cm/s and 60cm/s. Dissolved oxygen was measured by modified Winkler – azide method and ranged between 3.2 mg/I and 6.2 mg/I while carbondioxide was determined by phenophtalein titration method. Calcium, magnesium, nitrate, phosphate, silica, & sulphate were measured using a Hach multichemical analysis spectrophotometer model DREL 5. All these ions showed variation in their concentrations with time. Conductivity and pH were measured with meters. Nitrate & phosphate were high showing a case of cultural eutrophication occurring from washing of nitrophophate fertilizer from nearby farmlands into the lake. In general, the surface water quality of the lake is good and the lake is productive and eutrophic.

Keywords: Physico-chemical factors, Moro lake, Eutrophication, Water quality, Productivity

AJAZEB Vol. 7 2005: pp. 73-77

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eISSN: 1119-023X