Insecticidal and insect productivity reduction capacities of aloe vera and bryophyllumpinnatum on tribolium castaneum (herbst)

  • O T Omotoso


Two important medicinal plants, Aloe vera and Bryophyllum pinnatum were admixed with maize grains (Popcorn) at dosages of 1g, 2g and 5g treatments per 50g of maize. Results showed that both lower and higher dosages had toxic effects on Tribolium castaneum but the best results were obtained in the grains treated with 5g dosages. Mortality (within 7 days) and percentage weight loss (within 30 day periods) in Aloe vera root ash 80.00±0.11% and 0.22±0.01%, A. vera leaf ash 50.01±0.01% and 0.23±0.01, B. pinnatum leaf ash 50.01±0.01% and 0.32±0.15%, A. vera root powder 30.02±0.01% and 0.46±0.04%, B. pinnatum leaf powder 60.01±0.01% and 0.52±0.01 while A. vera leaf powder gave 10.05±0.02% and 0.67±0.03% respectively. Within a period of 2 weeks all the beetles introduced into treated grains died without laying eggs. The insect production rate recorded for control was 23.33±0.23 while no value was observed in treated grains because the insects died before they could lay eggs.

Keywords: Tribolium castaneum, Bryophyllum pinnatum, popcorn, Insect productivity, protectants.

AJAZEB Vol. 7 2005: pp. 95-100

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eISSN: 1119-023X