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Production of mono sugar from acid hydrolysis of seaweed

SS Jang, Y Shirai, M Uchida, M Wakisaka


The purpose of this work was to optimize the process conditions for the saccharification of macroalgae (seaweed) into mono sugar using the following parameters such as: Amount of biomass, catalyst concentration, temperature and reaction time. The major component of Ulva pertusa (green seaweed), Laminaria japonica (brown seaweed) and Gelidium amansii (red seaweed) is carbohydrate which can be converted into variety of sugars using sulfuric acid with hot-compress treatment. Rhamnose (37.89 wt %) and glucose (16.14 wt %) were extracted from dried U. pertusa, while galactose (49.32 wt %) and glucose (12.62 wt %) were extracted from dried G. amansii. Mannitol (31.53 wt %) was produced from dried L. japonica.

Key words: Marine biomass, seaweed, saccharification, sulfuric acid hydrolysis, mono sugars.
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