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Accelerated ripening of Kashar cheese with encapsulated protease

MS Akin


In this study, protease enzymes were encapsulated in Κ-carragenan, gellan and sodium alginate using emulsion and extrusion techniques and were then added in cheese milk together with rennet. The effects of the encapsulating material and ripening period on the chemical, textural and sensory characteristics of Kashar cheese were investigated. The study demonstrated that sodium alginate, gellan and Κ-carrageenan could successfully be used as protease carrier systems to accelerate the protein breakdown process during the ripening of Kashar cheese. Those samples treated with Κ-carrageenan capsules showed the highest rate of proteolysis compared to those treated with the other capsules.

Keywords: Kashar cheese, enzyme encapsulation, Κ-carragenan, gellan, sodium alginate

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eISSN: 1684-5315