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Cloning and homologic analysis of Tpn I gene in silkworm Bombyx mori

Y Zhao, Yao Q, X Tang, Q Wang, H Yin, Z Hu, J Lu, K Chen


The troponin complex is composed of three subunits, Troponin C (the calcium sensor component) and Troponin T and I (structural proteins). Tpn C is encoded by multiple genes in insects, while the Tpn T and Tpn I proteins are encoded by single genes. Tpn I binds to actin and Tpn T binds to tropomyosin. We cloned and sequenced the Tpn I (AY873787) gene from Bombyx mori that encodes 225 amino acids and contains a conserved motif seen in Drosophila virilis and Anopheles gambiae. Bioinformatic
analysis suggests that its deduced amino sequence shares 81.3 and 78.7% homology with the Tpn I genes of A. gambiae and D. virili, respectively.

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