Effects of cowpea fortification and the level of ripeness of plantain on the nutritive value of plantain based snack foods

  • AN Etsey
  • E Sakyi-Dawson
  • S Sefa-Dedeh
  • EO Afoakwa
  • K Tano-Debrah
  • GA Annor
Keywords: Cowpea, fortification, level of ripeness, plantain-based snacks.


To investigate effects of cowpea addition and level of ripeness of plantain on the nutritional and sensory characteristics of Kaklo and Ofam in Ghana, A 2X4 factorial experiment with firm and soft ripe plantain and cowpea fortification of 0, 10, 20 and 30% was designed. The proximate composition and acceptability of products using a 7-point hedonic scale were evaluated. With the addition of 30% cowpea, the protein content of the Kaklo from the firm ripe and soft ripe plantain increased from 2.92% to 7.32% and 3.65% to 8.05% respectively, whilst the protein of the Ofam from the firm and soft ripe plantain also increased from 3.80% to 8.45% and 3.75% to 8.15% respectively. The 10% fortified Kaklo and Ofam were
the most acceptable. The cowpea addition significantly affected the nutritional value of the Kaklo and Ofam. To obtain an acceptable cowpea fortified plantain-based snack, the fortification should be done at

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eISSN: 1684-5315