Development of amino resin for emulsion paint formulation: reactive blending of methylol urea with soybean oil

  • SA Osemeahon
  • JT Barminas
Keywords: Paint binder, amino resins, methylol urea, soybean oil, reactive blending.


In this work, methylol urea resin (MUR) was reactively blended with various concentrations (0 - 35%) of soybean oil (SBO) in order to formulate a new two-component polymer system for application as a
coating agent for emulsion paint formulation. Formaldehyde emission and some physical properties of the blended resin were evaluated. Moisture uptake and density decreased with increase in the SBO
content in the blend. Elongation at break and viscosity also decreased initially before a gradual increase was observed as the SBO content increases. Refractive index, melting point and dry time initially increased but gradually decreased with increase in SBO content. The interactions between the two different polymers show that 25% of SBO was the optimal loading inclusion. The values of moisture
uptake, formaldehyde emission, melting point and elongation at break which were 1.3%, 0.05 ppm, 120oC, and 140%, respectively, are within acceptable levels required in the coating industry. The
advantages of this new system are low formaldehyde emission and water reduction characteristics. The polymer blend may therefore be recommended as binder for the coating industry.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315