Study of chemical and physical behavior cotton fabrics treated by corona discharge after several laundering

  • P Valipour
  • S Nourbakhsh
  • M Maboudi
  • AG Ebadi
  • A Taravati
Keywords: Corona discharge, cotton fabrics, laundering.


Cotton fabric because of finishing process has shrinkage behavior after laundering and for improving this problem, chemical agents utilize for anti-shrinkage. This temporary finishing can reduce shrinkage
but has many environmental problems. Corona discharge treatment has been used for cotton fabric, other fibers and polymers. This treatment can reduce costs and environmental impacts. In this study, cotton fabric was treated by corona discharge instrument at 2 - 40 passages and fabrics were washed with laundering method. After four times laundering, shrinkage behavior of corona discharge treated fabric as compared with un-treated fabric decrease. After 10 passages of corona discharge treatment,
water, dye absorption and shrinkage are modified but after 14 passages, despite of shrinkage improvement, dyeing properties decrease.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315