Volumetric and viscometric behaviour of soya bean and gram proteins in aqueous methotrexate (anticancer drug) solution at 298.15 to 308.15K

  • M Singh
  • RK Yadav
  • HS Verma
Keywords: Density, Apparent molal volume, viscosity B coefficient, methotrexate, soya bean, gram protein.


Apparent molar volumes (Vf) and viscosities (h) for 0.00005 to 0.0004 kg.mol-1 (50 to 400 mmol kg-1) aqueous methotrexate (MTX), gram (Gp) and soya bean (SBp) proteins, and similar compositions of Gp
and SBp each in 50 to 400 mmol kg-1 aqueous MTX were determined at 298.15, 303.15 and 308.15K. The Vf values are positive except aqueous MTX and listed as SBp > Gp > MTX in aqueous and SBp > Gp in MTX solutions, respectively. It infers weaker hydrophobic heteromolecular interaction of SBp in binary and ternary systems. The higher h values of SBp and Gp in MTX than those of aqueous MTX prove strengthening of hydrophobic interactions of proteins by MTX. It illustrates the conformational changes of proteins; slightly higher Vf values of SBp than of Gp. The MTX confirm higher structural activity in biological process. The Vf 0 of MTX increases with K and decrease with composition. But with compositions the values continuously decrease with lower magnitude.

eISSN: 1684-5315