The most stirring technology in future: Cellulase enzyme and biomass utilization

  • X Li
  • H Yang
  • B Roy
  • D Wang
  • W Yue
  • L Jiang
  • EY Park
  • Y Miao
Keywords: Cellulose, cellulase enzyme, fuel ethanol, biomass.


In recent years, fundamental and applied researches on cellulase enzyme have not only generated significant scientific knowledge but also have revealed their enormous potential in biotechnology. Growing attention has been devoted to its bioconversion of biomass into fuel ethanol, considered the cleanest liquid fuel alternative to fossil fuels. Significant advances have been made towards the production and alteration technology of cellulase enzyme. This review simply introduces cellulose and cellulase enzyme, gives a broad overview of the current research status of cellulase enzyme, briefly refers to its applied fields, and lastly summarizes its promising prospects.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315