Published: 2010-10-12

The most stirring technology in future: Cellulase enzyme and biomass utilization

X Li, H Yang, B Roy, D Wang, W Yue, L Jiang, EY Park, Y Miao

Phylogeny of Artemisia L.: Recent developments

MQ Hayat, M Ashraf, MA Khan, T Mahmood, M Ahmad, S Jabeen

A new electrophoresis technique to separate microsatellite alleles*

X Wang, TA Rinehart, PA Wadl, JM Spiers, D Hadziabdic, MT Windham, RN Trigiano

The use of cross species SSR primers to study genetic diversity of okra from Burkina Faso

M Sawadogo, JT Ouedraogo, D Balma, M Ouedraogo, BS Gowda, C Botanga, MP Timko

new time-saving transformation system for Brassica napus

F Kong, J Li, X Tan, L Zhang, Z Zhang, C Qi, X Ma

Cloning and sequence analysis of benzo-a-pyreneinducible cytochrome P450 1A in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

AAI Hassanin, Y Kaminishi, MMM Osman, ZH Abdel- Wahad, MAH El-Kady, T Itakura

Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Azerbaijani traditional dairy products

A Terzic-Vidojevic, M Tolinacki, M Nikolic, J Lozo, J Begovic, SGO Gulahmadov, AA Kuliev, M Dalgalarrondo, J Chobert, T Haertlé, L Topisirovic