Immobilization of catalase via adsorption into natural and modified active carbon obtained from walnut in various methods

  • S Alkan
  • A Gür
  • M Ertan
  • A Savran
  • T Gür
  • Y Genel
Keywords: Immobilization, active carbon, catalase


In the present work, the immobilization of catalase into natural active carbon and active carbon modified by hydrochloric acid was carried out. In the experimental section, the effects of pH, ionic strength and
reaction temperature were chosen as parameters, with experiments performed in batch system. For the optimization of immobilization procedure, values of kinetic parameters were evaluated. It was observed
that storage and operational stabilities of the enzyme increased with immobilization. The results obtained from experiments showed that active carbon is a valuable support for the adsorption of enzymes.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315