Comparison of genetic detection efficiency of different markers under the same genetic background

  • W Sun
  • HH Musa
  • H Chang
  • K Tsunoda
Keywords: Genetic markers, genetic differentiation, genetic detection efficiency


Chinese native sheep populations, Hu sheep, Tong sheep, Small-tailed Han sheep and Tan sheep were used to study the efficiency of genetic markers. The genetic markers used in this study include morphological and ecological indices, blood protein enzyme, microsatellite DNA and the combination of three markers. The results showed that the morphological and ecological indices are not accurate tools to determine the relationships among populations. In contrast, blood protein enzyme and microsatellite
DNA were the best markers for genetic diversity among sheep populations. Therefore, selection of markers depends on the aim of research; for instance neutral markers are selected to study the origin of breeds, trait indices for economical or ecological classification, and multi-combined genetic markers for the relations among populations.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315