Proximate and mineral composition of four edible mushroom species from South Western Nigeria

  • TO Adejumo
  • OB Awosanya
Keywords: Edible mushrooms, food composition


Results of proximate analysis of four edible species of mushroom collected from Akoko land in Ondo state, Nigeria indicate that Termitomyces mammiformis was a very good source of crude protein (37%), crude fiber (7%), ash (10%), calcium (216 g/kg dry weight) and manganese (136 mg/kg dry weight (dw)). Russula vesca was the richest in carbohydrate (71%) and magnesium (14 g/kg), while Lactarius triviralis was richest in moisture content (37%), iron (1230 mg/kg) and copper (8 mg/kg). It is also a good source
of carbohydrate (64%), calcium (210 g/kg) and manganese (120 mg/kg). Lentinus tigrinus was, however, the richest in dry matter (94%), and is also rich in carbohydrate (62%), magnesium (11 g/kg) and copper (6 mg/kg). It was observed that lipids, sodium and phosphorus contents of the four species were
generally very low.

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eISSN: 1684-5315