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Late-season nitrogen applications in high-latitude strawberry nurseries improve transplant production pattern in warm regions

DS Kirschbaum, KD Larson, SA Weinbaum, TM DeJong


The influence of late-season nitrogen (N) applications on the fruiting pattern of strawberry runner plants of ‘Camarosa’ was determined over three growing seasons. Experiments were carried out in highlatitude nurseries in northern California and fruit production trials were established in southern California. A total of 80 kg/ha of foliar nitrogen was delivered in three applications to the nursery in late summer. Late-season foliar nitrogen applications: (1) increased early yields (+22% on average) as well as the number of early marketable fruit, (2) did not affect total season yields, fruit size, appearance and firmness and (3) resulted in greater N concentration in leaves, crowns and roots. Runner plants with leaf N concentration within the sufficiency range (1.9 - 2.8% of dry mass) produced the highest early yields. Total nonstructural carbohydrate concentrations decreased in most of the N-treated plants. Apparently, nursery late-season foliar nitrogen applications enhance N mobilization to crown and root, stimulate plant activity during the period of flower differentiation after planting, accelerating flower development and contributing to the advancement of fruit production.
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