Published: 2012-06-28

An overview on the small heat shock proteins

T Mahmood, W Safdar, BH Abbasi, SMS Naqvi


QTL mapping for controlling anthesis-silking interval based on RIL population in maize

X Liu, Z Zheng, Z Tan, Z Li, C He, D Liu, G Zhang, Y Luo


Over-expression of Arabidopsis DnaJ (Hsp40) contributes to NaCl-stress tolerance

Z Zhichang, Z Wanrong, Y Jinping, Z Jianjun, LZL Xufeng, Y Yang


Semi-random PCR markers for DNA fingerprinting of rice hybrids and theirs corresponding parents

SH Hashemi-Petroudi, SAMM Maibody, GA Nematzadeh, A Arzani


A comparative study of chromosome morphology among some accessions of Aegilops crassa

HM Hamid, S Habibollah, AZ Rasool, M Nasrin, FS Esmaeil


Allelopathic potential of macrofungi on germinating maize (Zea mays L.) grain

Y Uzun, M Türker, A Kaya, K Demirel, S Isler, A Keles


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315