Preparation and characterization of keratin-K2Ti6O13 whisker composite film

  • Y Liu
  • R Yin
  • W Yu
Keywords: Biomaterials, mechanical properties, microstructure


Wool is the most popular natural material. In the textile industries, a lot of waste wool fibres and their products induce actions which lead to the regeneration of wool keratin materials. However, the most significant limitations may be the poor fracture resistance of neat keratin materials. Traditionally, biopolymer was used to enhance the mechanical property of wool keratin material, but it limits the application of the keratin material as a biomaterial. In this article, it was firstly proposed that potassium hexatitanate (K2Ti6O13) whiskers be used to reinforce keratin film. The effects of coupling agent, whisker content, distribution and orientation on properties of composite were investigated by microscope and tensile testing. It was found that K2Ti6O13 whiskers can effectively improve the mechanical properties of
keratin films.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315