Physiological and biochemical responses of ultra-dry storage of Elymus dahuricus seeds

  • C Zhi-hong
  • W Zan
  • Y Xu-jiang
  • L Xiang-fang
  • G Hong-wen
Keywords: Elymus dahuricus, ultra-dry storage, moisture content.


The silica gel drying method was utilized to reduce the moisture content of Elymus dahuricus seeds from an original content of 9.03 to 7.69, 6.10, 4.97, 4.47, 3.83, 2.58 and 1.26%. After sealing the seeds in aluminum foil bags, they were placed at -4°C, 4°C, room temperature and 45°C to store for 12 months and to identify their physiological and biochemical indicators. Results indicate that ultra-dry storage can: 1) Improve the storability and membrane permeability of E. dahuricus seeds, 2) increase the activity of E. dahuricus SOD, POD and CAT, and 3) lower MDA content. Moderate ultra-dry storage at room temperature can reach the conserved effect of low-temperature without intense ultra-drying. Therefore, the moderate ultra-dry can be use as effective measure for the conservation of E. dahuricus germplasm resources.

Key words: Elymus dahuricus, ultra-dry storage, moisture content.


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eISSN: 1684-5315