Published: 2013-11-19

Marker assisted selection and crop management for salt tolerance: A review

D Singh, A Kumar, A Kumar, P Chauhan, V Kumar, N Kumar, A Singh, N Mahajan, P Sirohi, S Chand, B Ramesh, J Singh, P Kumar, R Kumar, RB Yadav, RK Naresh


Interleukin-10 gene promoter polymorphism as a potential host susceptibility factor in Pakistani patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

MS Afzal, S Anjum, A Salman, S Ashraf, ZUR Farooqi, T Ahmed, Y Waheed, I Qadri


First identification of Ganoderma boninense isolated from Sabah based on PCR and sequence homology

KP Chong, MS Lum, CP Foong, CMVL Wong, M Atong, S Rossall


Foliar zinc fertilization improves the zinc nutritional value of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain

Y Xi-wen, T Xiao-hong, L Xin-chun, G William, C Yu-xian


Molecular cloning and characterization of P5CS gene from Jatropha curcas L.

GQ Zhuang, B Li, HY Guo, JL Liu, F Chen


Proteome analysis of interaction between rootstocks and scions in Hevea brasiliensis

K Yuan, X Ding, LF Yang, ZH Wang, WF Lin, JH Cao


Physiological and biochemical responses of ultra-dry storage of Elymus dahuricus seeds

C Zhi-hong, W Zan, Y Xu-jiang, L Xiang-fang, G Hong-wen


Processing of byproducts to improve nisin production by Lactococcus lactis

AF Jozala, DP Silva, AA Vicente, JA Teixeira, A Pessoa Júnior, TCV Penna


Chemical composition changes of post-harvest coconut inflorescence sap during natural fermentation

Q Xia, R Li, S Zhao, W Chen, H Chen, B Xin, Y Huang, M Tang


Gene expression profiles in adenosine-treated human mast cells

SW Kang, JE Jeong, CH Kim, SH Choi, SH Chae, SA Jun, HJ Cha, JH Kim, YM Lee, YS Lee, YS Han, I Choi, HS Park, BL Lee, YS Lee


Increased COX-2 expression in patients with ovarian cancer

Y Lin, M Cui, Y Shi, F Wang, Q Wang, H Teng


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