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Isolation and characterization of β-glucosidase producing bacteria from different sources

V Veena, P Poornima, R Parvatham, K Kalaiselvi


β-Glucosidase producing microorganisms are potential sources that can be employed for bioconversion of cellulose. In the present study, nine morphologically different bacterial isolates were isolated from dairy effluent and seven were isolated from fermented barley. Four of the bacteria from the dairy effluent and five from barley source were found to possess β-glucosidase, dairy effluent, barley, esculin.-glucosidase activity. This activity was tested by growth in medium supplemented with esculin and ferric ammonium citrate. The esculin positive strains from both the sources were characterized biochemically and checked for their ability to transform ginsenoside Rb1. The growth medium and the pH for maximum growth were optimized.

Key words: β-glucosidase, dairy effluent, barley, esculin.
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