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Chemical composition and fatty acid profile of edible larva of Cirina forda (Westwood)

O Akinnawo, A.O. Ketiku


The nutrient composition of the larva of Cirina forda (Westwood) was determined. It contained 33.12 (0.87 g/100g crude protein, 9.40 (0.16 g/100g crude fibre, 12.24 (18 g/ 100g fat, 7.12 ( 0.32 gl 100g ash, 38.12 (0.65 g/ 100g carbohydrate and gross energy value of 359 (2.83 Kcal/ 100g. The larva is an excellent source of minerals and a 100-g dry sample contained phosphorus (1090mg), zinc (8.6mg) iron (64.0mg) potassium (2130mg) and sodium (210mg). The fatty acid profile of Cirina forda larva is characterized by a very high proportion of the polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and (-linolenic acid (53.8%) which is higher than the percentages found in poultry (23.7%) and fish (30.8%) Mono unsaturated fatty acids content was 14.6% while saturated fatty acid constituted 31.6%. The dietetic significance of the polyunsaturated saturated fatty acid ratio of 1.7:1 and the high potassium and low sodium content of Cirina forda larva is discussed.

Keywords: Insect larva, nutrient composition, fatty acid profile

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