The importance of O – level grades in medical school admission: the University of Ado–Ekiti experience

  • D.D.O Oyebola


This paper describes the procedures used in the admission of the first set
of Medical Students into the newly established College of Medicine,
University of Ado – Ekiti. Two groups of students were admitted, namely,
those admitted on the basis of their JAMB scores alone (five students) and
those admitted on the basis of a combination of JAMB scores and O’ level
grades in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. In the latter
group, the JAMB scores and O’ level grades were given equal weighting
(50% of mark obtainable each) and all applicants were ranked on the
basis of their combined scores. The 127 top scorers based on this ranking
were given a written interview test and an oral interview. At the end of
the exercise, 40 candidates were admitted. Eventually, 31 of this group
and four out of the five candidates admitted with JAMB scores alone
registered for 100 Level courses. A comparison of the academic
performance of the two groups of students in science and General Studies
courses at 100 Level showed that all students in the JAMB and O’ level
group were far better than students in the JAMB alone group. Indeed, the
former group had outstanding performance while 50% of the latter group
could not cope. It was concluded that the use of O’ level grades is very
important and effective in selecting academically sound students and
should be used in admissions into Medical School. (Afr. J. Biomed. Res. 9:
15 – 21, January 2006)

Keywords: JAMB, O’ level grades, Medical school, Admission, Interview, Academic achievement, Ado-Ekiti


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