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Influence of pregnancy on some erythrocyte biochemical profiles in the rabbits

PC Ozegbe


One billion erythrocytes lysate samples obtained from pregnant (28-day old) and non-pregnant groups or New Zealand white Chinchilla rabbits (eight rabbits per group) were analysed to determine the influence of pregnancy on the profile of some of the intracellular electrolytes, enzymes, lipids, proteins and rnetabolites. The intracellular concentrations of sodium (Na+), Bicarbonate (HCO3), Alanine amino transferase (ALT, EC, Aspartate amino transferase (AST, EC Gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT EC and triglycerides were significantly Increased (P < 0.01) in the pregnant group when compared to the nonpregnant group. The levels of potassium (K+), Sodium -Potassium ratio (Na+/K+ ratio), cholesterol creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) alkaline phosphatase (AP, EC, total protein and albumin were not
significantly altered during pregnancy. Pregnancy altered the metabolism of erythrocytes in the rabbits.
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