Association of trypanosome infection witth circulating zona pellucida(ZP)antibodies in West African Dwarf(WAD)goats

  • O Fayemi


Sera from 967 adult female West African Dwarf (WAD) goats previously screened for Trypanosome infection by some diagnostic laboratories around Ibadan metropolis, in Southwestern part of Nigeria,
were assayed for zona pellucida (ZP) antibodies by the enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) technique. Of the 967 female goats, 534 (55.22%) were positive and 433 (44.78%) negative for
Trypanosome infection. Out of those that were positive for Trypanosome infection, 346 (64.79%) and 188 (35.21%) were positive and negative for ZP antibodies respectively. These represented
35.78% and 19.44% of the total number of animals screened respectively. The group that was negative for Trypanosome infections had 149 (34.41%) and 284 (65.59%) positive and negative for
ZP antibodies, representing 15.41% and 29.37% of the total number of animals screened, respectively. Seropositivity for ZP antibodies was positively correlated with Trypanosome infection (Pshould always be considered in infertility investigations.

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