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Proximate analysis of Sweet Potato Toasted Granules

NT Meludu


Sweet potato is an important root crop in the food system of many African countries. The yield, nutrition and economic potential of sweet potato have been identified as very high. In this study, sweet potato was processed and toasted into granules. The proximate analysis performed on the toasted granules showed protein, fat, ash, fiber, starch, moisture and low sugar content after processing. It was discovered that the more fermented the paste before toasting the lower the sugar content and more acceptable the taste. Therefore, the remarkable low sugar content indicates potential usefulness as a dietary supplement for diabetic patients. Its fiber content will add bulk and aid digestion, thus preventing constipation. Therefore, awareness should be created on this innovation for the management of the diabetics.

Keywords: Diabetics, fermentation, sugar, toasted granules andutilization.

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