Improving postgraduate nursing research output: A South African nursing science perspective

  • P.C. Chukwuere
  • L.A. Sehularo
  • M.E. Manyedi
  • M.M. Ojong-Alasia


Background. Postgraduate nursing research programmes prepare professional nurses for receiving Master’s or doctoral degrees, foster growth of the profession and strengthen the nation’s health sectors through development and implementation of innovative approaches for better nursing care. Enrolment in and completion of postgraduate nursing research programmes follow rigorous processes, involving the student, supervisor(s) and university.
Objectives. To review the relevant literature obtained from a computerised database search that focused on improving postgraduate nursing research throughput in South Africa (SA) to synthesise ideas and draw conclusions regarding the topic being discussed.
Methods. An unsystematic, narrative literature review approach was adopted for a computerised database search.
Results. The study revealed that postgraduate nursing research throughput could be improved through enrolment of a greater number of Master’s and doctoral students across SA universities, and adequate provision of structures for accessing information, e.g. the latest technologies. The study also revealed the need for adequate support of supervisors with the necessary resources and continuous training of more supervisors in innovative methods for appropriate development of the requisite skills to strengthen research supervision.
Conclusion. There is a dire need to promote postgraduate nursing researchers owing to the importance of professional growth, development of new knowledge and university funding.


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