The influence of context on the teaching and learning of undergraduate nursing students: A scoping review

  • R. Meyer
  • S.C. van Schalkwyk
  • E. Archer


Background. The role that context plays in the teaching and learning space has been well documented.
Objectives. To synthesise perspectives from previous studies related to the influence of context on teaching and learning among undergraduate nursing students.
Methods. This study was guided by the stages for review proposed by Arksey and O’Malley. Six databases were searched, generating 1 164 articles. Based on the eligibility criteria, the articles were screened through several processes, resulting in 55 articles being included in the final review.
Results. Five themes were identified, including the organisational space, the nature of interactions in the healthcare team, the role of the nurse manager, the role of the educator and the academic institution-hospital engagement.
Conclusion. While there are many studies of the role of context in teaching and learning, this review highlights the interconnectedness of the various factors within the learning context, providing a framework that can inform decision-making when seeking to enhance teaching and learning in nursing education.


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